About the game

Mondo Museum is a design & management sim in which you build and manage a museum and its staff. Players will:

  • Design a Museum: Create the look and layout of your museum, with exhibit halls, gift shops, theatres, and more.

  • Design Exhibits: Mix-and-match over a hundred exhibit items to create your own unique exhibit halls, across several collections from Dinosaurs to Ancient Egypt.

  • Manage Staff and Visitors: Attract visitors with quality exhibits, and make sure they leave satisfied by addressing their comfort through benches, cafés, and more. Hire specialized staff to fill roles such as curator and researcher. 

  • Keep Calm and Curate On: Never a dull moment with bumbling visitors, exhibits that take on a life of their own, and special narrative events to keep players on their toes. 

3D Artist/Technical Artist (Contract)


  • YOU MUST BE A CANADIAN CITIZEN. This restriction is non-negotiable, because it is a requirement of an investment I received from the Canadian Media Fund.

  • Seeking a 3D game artist to collaborate on the art direction and creation of numerous low-poly 3D assets.

  • Compensation will be $45/hour plus a revenue share based on total contribution.

  • I am based in Montreal, but work will be done remotely. Scheduling can be flexible, but will ideally begin as soon as possible.

  • People from traditionally underrepresented groups in the games industry are highly encouraged to apply.


  • Develop art direction of game in collaboration with me.

  • 3D Modeling: Create many dozens of props, from start to finish, including texturing.

  • Shaders (Optional): Create or modify Unity shaders in support of art direction.

  • Particle Effects (Optional): Create or modify particle effects in Unity.


  • Must have a portfolio demonstrating low-poly 3D modeling and texturing experience.


  • Solid knowledge of any standard 3D modeling application.

  • Strong aesthetic sense, and ability to define screen legibility through shapes, colours, etc.

  • A desire to improve existing skills and learn new techniques as necessary.


If interested, please send your portfolio to

michel (at) viewportgames.com