Mondo Museum is a building and management sandbox, with a broad selection of exhibit categories from dinosaurs to space exploration. Construct a museum, design and curate your exhibit halls, and satisfy the desires of rambunctious visitors!

Key Features:

  • Design a Museum: Construct and customize your museum with exhibit halls, gift shops, planetariums, and more. 
  • Curate Exhibits: Mix and match over a hundred exhibit items to create your own unique exhibit halls, across several collection categories like Dinosaurs, Ancient Egypt, and Space Exploration.
  • Manage Staff: Thoughtfully hire employees to fill roles such as docent (tour guide), security guard, archivist, researcher, and maintenance. 
  • Captivate Visitors: Attract visitors with quality exhibits, and make sure they leave satisfied by addressing their comfort with benches, cafés, and more. 
  • Grow Your Collection: Expand your museum and increase its reputation to unlock opportunities for loaning rare and alluring exhibit items.
  • Keep It Together: Respond to crises such as the chaos of a school tour, clumsy visitors, bumbling employees, and a general disrespect for your prestigiuous institution.